meet: Alex Ollig

Owner/Director of Everything 

Alex’s day starts off with a low fat Latte and an omelet from Salt & Grinder across the street. He checks over the bank accounts and then meets with Ken to look into what’s going on with a cooler at the shop. He hops in his convertible and meets the girls at the warehouse to hammer out a design for a hanging platform over a dance floor. Engineering is involved but the design he lands on is met with cheers from Lindsay, our warehouse manger and Kit, our wedding director. He’s back to his office talking to a kitchen cutting board line and a Oregon Jewelry designer who need to ship their product to The Perfect Petal. He calls the delivery driver and sends him the airport to pickup stems fresh from Holland for the flower shop. Next, he puts the finishing touches on the schedule. He runs over to Jamie Atlas on Broadway and works out. He eats lunch from Salt & Grinder {sans bread}  at 3pm. He chats with Dan the neighborhood cop and gets the skinny. He pays a lot of bills. Cindy calls and says to hurry home that dinner’s ready. Its delicious but he wishes it was less healthy, and he thinks he saw a dreaded avocado. He watches Masterpiece Mystery and then John Stewart  with a Bourbon. Lights out.