meet: Cindy Ollig

Owner, Lead Event Planner, Floral Designer Extraordinaire & Retail Buyer 


Cindy’s day starts with plain black coffee and an egg while sketching a wedding centerpiece to send to a bride. Then there's a call to a local ceramic designer who’s just made a line that could fit well in the store, meeting with Serra about the window display, running to market to see what stems are new, grabbing them, checking in with Max and Alex to see what they have in mind for dinner, checking in with Chad at the Four Seasons to see how the lobby flowers are faring, meeting with Chelsea to show her an ad idea, brainstorming a challenging floral request with a new designer, peeking in on the neighbors new baby, Planting up the winter pansies in the two front porch pots while talking to her sister Cate in Austin about the next trip there in April. She will try and fail to make a healthy dinner that everyone likes and afterwards she sifts through the Times online for new jewelry lines for Glam Bomb in May. She’ll watch Masterpiece Theater Mystery with a Cab Franc, read in bed, and then its lights off.

Hometown: TX