meet: Jenni Hohensee Skeen

Lead Shop Designer


Jenni’s foray into floristry occurred at a friend’s wedding when the bridal party foraged the local German hills for wild blooms, branches and ivy.  As she tucked small wildflowers into a horse’s mane for the bridal carriage, she discovered her heart’s calling. Shortly thereafter, she became a florist.

Jenni continuously marvels at the nuances of blooms and botanicals: petal formation, stem structure, scent. She loves stepping into the floral cooler and letting the colors and textures dictate the palette and composition for the next arrangement. Each arrangement is a new story waiting to be written.

Jenni’s heroines include Dolly Parton, Morticia Addams, and Terry Gross. She is an avid skier, reader, jewelry lover and a truly pathetic chef. 

Hometown: Denver, CO