meet: Tara Worley


Before the Petal... Tara studied Art and Art history at the University of Colorado, Boulder with a focus in Modern architecture and Contemporary art. 

She worked as a shop girl selling dresses in one of her favorite boutiques, styling, sewing, making jewelry and doing window displays. She first answered her floral calling at small Boulder floral shop before moving to Denver. 

Balancing the delicate relationship between enchanting large scale designs and the reality of ensuring they remain gorgeous all week. Tara adores watching guests marvel the moment when a fresh hotel lobby display is set. 

Along with being our lead Hotel designer you might see her delivering for our events team, working our highlands farmers market tent, on the sales floor in either of our boutiques or out on a large wedding installation.

When Tara isn’t at the Petal you can likely find her cooking for people she loves and riding bikes or skiing with her beau. 

Other favored activities include Wandering around museums, green houses, vintage furniture stores and buying lattes. 

Home Town: Evergreen, CO